How It Works ?

"AUXILIUM" integrates with the customer’s existing website as a chat-bot. The customers can ask questions and the software responds to the questions using a library of questions and pre-configured answers by using Artificial Intelligence and integrates with widely used software products such as JIRA, Databases, REST API etc. to enable the organizations leverage information from existing systems in supporting business.


who are we

Artificial intelligence is changing the way in which organizations innovate and communicate their processes, products and services. Practical strategies for employing AI and choosing the right vendors are available to data and analytics leaders right now and we can't afford not to flow with the tide...

We are a company working on a SAAS (Software As A Service) based Help desk software product for small to medium businesses.

We believe that AI continues to drive change in how businesses and governments interact with customers and constituents

We present to you a product- "Auxilium"; A SAAS SERVICE MODEL.

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